The modern world has drastically changed compared to its predecessors. In just the past fifty years, technology, innovation, and daily lifestyles have changed beyond comprehension. Just to think that the first smart phone was created in 1994, just under thirty years ago. As the world continues to evolve, and as international relations between global superpowers continue to grapple with one another, an unlikely ally and foe has risen up from the “golden digital age”: cyberattacks.

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By definition, these malicious online attacks are created and distributed by a computer[s], targeting a digitalized system, another computer, an enterprise, or just simply another…

Action movies have advanced significantly over the past few decades. In my opinion, the entire cinematography revolution for action films began with The Matrix; the movie series completely redefined what could be made possible using CGI, and the production cast used what they had to the fullest extent.

When action movies were first introduced to the general audience, the basic gist that directors had for their vision would be to showcase the action. …

in fear, we look beyond ourselves
in fear, absolute silence can settle in
in fear, texture is merely an obstacle
in fear, olfactory can be a distraction
in fear, flavors can turn rancid…

One of my future ambitions is to explore the mysteries that surround the world, beginning with the Dyatlov Pass. This hiking trail was first introduced to me around three years ago on the internet. I was met with a blinding story that compares the wild’s solemn nature with humanity’s desire for discovery.

January 25th, the entire group is crammed inside of a bus headed to Vizhay


During the winter of 1959, nine students and one sports instructor from the Urals Polytechnic Institute in Russia set out on a skiing and mountaineering expedition expedition on January 1st. …

Don’t take this the wrong way at first glance, essays serve as a crucial introduction to writing and debate during school years, but they have some issues that I would like to discuss. These “problems” are, by far, not negligible at all; these are thoughts that are shared by most, if not all, of my peers.

Essays represent a critical moment in an educational transition, from being able to express opinions and analysis vocally, to be able to conjure words on paper that dictate a point. They, without a shadow of a doubt, contribute to major brain development and advancement…

It’s hard to bring the theme of psychology to an entertaining platform, yet Martin Scorsese pulls this imaginative feat off. Transitioning these complex characters effortlessly, Scorsese created a reality where mental disorders can be introduced to the general population. He also brought to attention the brutality and inefficient procedures that many patients are forced to endure; the invitation to this scary yet informational world allows for more attention in this medical field. If you haven’t seen the film yet, please watch it before reading this article. There are spoilers ahead.

“Teddy Daniels” and his partner

One of the reasons for Shutter Island’s constant accolades and…

The depression of 2008 has been the worst crash since the Great Depression. There were tell-tale signs that it was about to occur, yet the general majority never gave much attention to it. One example can be seen in The New York Times. The phrase “since the Great Depression” has nearly doubled in print since the previous year, spelling an impending wave of nervousness and insecurity and much of the financial sectors.

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The Lehman Brothers, a huge investment banking company went completely bankrupt in September of that year. They were the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States and lost…

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There are many different ways to define film: whether it be a dramatic motion picture or a recorded home video, one cannot deny the massive appeal of this visual art. Through the medium of cinematography and our modern era portable cameras, the film industry has nowhere to go but upwards. YouTube, the gigantic video-sharing platform, uploads more than 300 hours of content every minute, and 5 billion videos are watched every day. Just a single look at these monstrous numbers can convince anyone that video and film take up a large portion of our society.

It’s very understandable, though. The…

Censorship in China is a very controversial topic, one that remains heavily discussed politically and morally. To give some background, the Chinese government censors nearly all American media such as Google, Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This allows the Chinese government and news outlets to have complete control over propaganda and informative articles, although many of the Chinese use VPNs to bypass this, something we’ll get into later in the article.

One of the most powerful rivalries that have occurred between two very powerful countries is occurring right now, and that battle is between China and the U.S. The U.S …

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